#pflipperks: LIVE AT LOUIS

Louis Vuitton is a brand that needs no introduction. As a staple in the luxury community, it is synonymous with opulence, excellence, and top tier quality. It was only right that when they decided to open their doors for a new exhibit, I take a first hand glance at the past, present, and future of their designs. Standing colorfully on Rodeo Drive, Louis Vuitton X Exhibit appears to be a modern castle on the block. Inside is a kaleidoscope of history, architecture, art, and fashion of course. I enjoyed the interaction of each room of the exhibit. From classic to futuristic, each room told a story and solidified why Louis Vuitton has remained at the top of the luxury chain.

The exhibit is open until September 15th and each room provides the perfect background for your IG feed, so use the hashtag #pflipperks so I can see them. Did I mention it’s free AND there are pink stairs?! Until next time…

Patrick Flippin