#pflipperks : PACKING

Packing sucks. Not only do you have to plan the trip, hotel, and adventure, you also have to plan what to wear. How are you supposed to pack your 10 perfect outfits for your 3 day extravaganza?! Let the master show you

  1. Pack heavy to light.

    Shoes first! If you’re anything like me you pack at least 4 pairs of shoes per 2 days of your trip. Pack your shoes on one side of your suitcase. Play shoe tetris until they all fit. It’s a piece of packing cake…or packing pie if that’s your thing.

  2. Underwear doesn’t count!

    Don’t take up good suitcase space with your unmentionables! Neatly stuff them in your shoes to keep space in your luggage. Ladies swimsuits are included in this too. 2 birds one suitcase yea?

  3. Don’t roll, suck.

    Ziploc Space Saver bags are sent directly from heaven. Visit your local Target, CVS, Amazon Prime etc…and get you some! Gently fold your garments and slide them into the bag, connect your vacuum cleaner and suck out the air. This allows you to still place items on top of the space saver bag in your suitcase. Don’t have a vacuum cleaner? You can still push all the air out manually. You’re welcome.

  4. Sandwich bags got that drip.

    Seriously. they do. All your travel size liquids - soaps, lotions, oils, and sprays deserve to be on your body, not your luggage. There’s nothing worse than opening a suitcase and finding lotion all over your jeans. Pack each, yes EACH travel sized item in a small sandwich bag. I prefer to keep mine with my carry-on so there’s no risk of spillage on my wardrobe.

  5. Part the seas with your duffle.

    Only taking a duffle bag? Don’t just toss everything in there, make space. Separate your shoes and line the sides of the dufflebag with them; one shoe at a time. Don’t pair them because this takes up more space. Keep room in the middle of the bag for your rolled clothes. Lay travel size toiletries on top, in sandwich bags of course, and enjoy that quick getaway.

And there you have it, a few perks of packing brought to you by P. Flip. Have a happy travel season, and good luck getting flewed out. Until next time…